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Let’s see if you built a digital engagement platform that helped the Luddites strengthen their connections with fellow workers and advance their cause

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Q1: If the Luddites had access to digital membership engagement platforms, how might they have been able to strengthen their connections with fellow workers?
Answer 2: By providing personalized content and resources based on member interests
Q2: Which of these digital tools would have had the most substantial impact on the Luddites' ability to mobilize and organize for labour issues?
Answer 1: A Luddite-specific mobile app for communication and updates
Q3: What approaches or tactics could the Luddites have employed to ensure effective outreach to a diverse and inclusive audience of textile workers?
Answer 2: Tailoring content and messaging to appeal to various demographics and interests
Q4: How might a digital agency specializing in union services have positively impacted the Luddites' membership engagement and outreach, ultimately enhancing their fight for workers' rights?
Answer 2: By offering a comprehensive suite of digital solutions, including website design, app development, and social media management

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